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Loss of appetite and weight loss

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I have had almost no appetite for three weeks now and I've lost nearly 13 pounds. When I do eat, I live in fear of indigestion that can last for hours...almost a full 24 hours the other day. Belching, bloating, reflux, seems like I can feel little bits of food moving around my stomach.

I've had blood tests, a stool culture, an EGD, colonoscopy, ultrasound, and a CT...all coming back normal.

I'm on Omeperazole for the reflux.

I have loose bowel movements (not necessarily diarrhea) that float and have chunks of food in them (especially vegetables like green beans or spinach leaves).

My abdomen hurts when I press above and just to the right of my belly button.

I also seem to get the chills (shakes) very easily, especially early in the morning before I'm supposed to wake up. This has also been going on for three weeks, almost always early in the morning, but sometimes at other points in the day. Blood tests came back negative for infections.

What could be causing all of this?? The weight loss is really starting to scare me. What other tests can be done? It seems everything is normal. Pancreatic and liver enzymes, small bowel biopsies from the EGD, all have come back normal.

Advice, thoughts?

Thank you.
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replied March 26th, 2009
just a thought
i stumbled on your post searching for info on my own problem, which is slightly similar to yours, though i havent had many tests done yet myself.

i dont know if it helps, but ive found that eating oatmeal & avoiding sodas makes me feel better, have you tested for vitamin deficiencies?
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replied April 2nd, 2009
similar symptoms
My mother who is 79 has been having similar symptoms since Nov 2008. She has lost 40 pounds and has no appetite. She has had left side abdominal pain also. She was having some left arm pain and chest pain. Her doctor put her on Aciphex and Reglan to see if it was Acid Reflux and a problem with her emptying her stomach.

She was on these meds for 4 weeks and started having more continuous dull left arm and chest pain. Her doctor took her off the meds because a possible side effect. She went back to her doctor for another CT Scan of her full abdomen with pelvis. She has also had an Endoscopy, Blood Tests, Pancreatic Enzymes, etc. He also sent her for a Nuclear Stress Test. She had an irregularity from the Stress Test. She went for a Heart Cath and it was discovered that one of her arteries was mostly blocked. She had a Stint put in.

Her Cardiologist did say that this may have caused the arm and chest pain, but not her other symptoms and that we needed to keep pursuing the issue. All of her blood work, CT Scans, Endoscopy and Pancreatic Enzymes came back normal. She still has no appetite and when she eats she says that the food has little or no taste and that it feels like it gets bigger in her mouth and she can't swallow it.

Her doctor has now put her on an anti-depressant to see if she is in "Sick Mode" from being sick so long. I think he is hoping that the artery blockage and depression is causing her issues.

She has always had symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Our whole family has these symptoms so some digestive issues are normal for us.

We are completely stumped as to whether the issues have been resolved.
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replied June 3rd, 2009
What Was The Diagnosis
Did you ever find out what your diagnosis was? I have almost identical symptoms to yours and was wondering what you found out?
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replied June 17th, 2009
trottersc,I was reading the post about your mother. I've had some of the same symptoms myself and numerous tests. I did want to say to watch for any side effects from the Reglan!!! I was on that and became aggitated and began having tremors. My doctor took me off it right away. I didn't do well with the Acifex but the Nexium twice a day seems to help my stomach discomfort.
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replied June 24th, 2009
HI all, ive lost 2 stone in about 3 weeks. had loads pain in right side of abs.. had a coloosapie or however it spelt, they said it looked normal.. having camera down throat next. im really worried. bit of info about myself
Im 29 male was weighinh 18stone 12 now weighing 17 stone. i aint fat with fair amount of muscle. any1 got any insightof what might be wrong with me???
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replied June 27th, 2009
celiac disease? maybe?
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