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Loss of a really close love

5 days before Christmas, the love of my life decided she wanted to break up with me, we had broken up once before but we got back together. This time she gave back everything that i had ever given her. We were together for four years, not counting 6 months that we were apart. I started attending to the same college as her, which was a 2.5 hour drive from our hometown. Everything was going smooth, we were both happy, then all of a sudden she decides to leave me for another guy that lives in our hometown. She told me that she just wasn't happy anymore and that she had been lying to me for the last month.

I've completely lost my appetite and have been eating once a day but very little if I do eat. I always feel depressed and lost no matter what i am doing. I can't focus throughout my day, I don't remember anything that happens in my classes because i'm always daydreaming or lost in thought and i have lost complete interest in daily activities. I can't even read my class books because I just can't focus on them. Some days while walking to class I am on auto pilot, I leave and then all of a sudden I am in my classroom, lost in thought the whole way there.

I do not have any friends up here at school yet, I haven't had the interest to care to make any lately.... I just feel like I don't belong here.

what can i do...?
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replied January 19th, 2011
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Hi EAN127 and welcome to health: I am so sorry for your pain...Unfortunately, there is nothing to heal a broken heart, but time...Each day will get easier...Is it possible for you to transfer back to a different college?...Getting away from her might help...The one thing I can say that may help is that it's a good thing that this happened now....What if you had married and she still hadn't found herself...Maybe this is a blessing in disguise...

You are young...Let this be just a bitter lesson in life....There will be other special girls...I send you my best wishes...Take care...

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