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Losing train of thought

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Hi. I'm Paul, i'm 16 years old. Things are going great for me for the most part, until recently;
My mind is always on something else, and it's altering my speech patterns greatly. I often feel embarassed when i talk to others because what comes out sometimes doesn't even make sense sometimes. I've been losing my trance of thought a lot, i can't really pay attention to anything for a certain amount of time, and the more i think about it, the worse it becomes. My mom says it might be anxiety issues since i've had trouble with it in the past, but i don't think so. I've been on some sort of medication for weeks now (for anxiety), and all it's been doing is making me feel depressed, and enhances my problems.
Does this sound like anything any of you have been through, or some sort of disorder any of you know about? Feedback is appreciated.
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replied April 14th, 2011
ADD and Anxiety Coping Techniques
hey Paul, I hope this technique helps you out, i know it has done wonders for me. Im 21 and have been dealing with anxiety, depression and add for awhile now. I tried a lot of medications but have had limited success with them.

What you have to realize is that everybody gets distracted from time to time, some more than others. The first thing to do, and best thing is to realize that its normal. Your not crazy, its not the end of the world, you'll get back on track and you can always better yourself, it just takes time.

Now, when you are getting distracted, it feels like something in the back of your head is yanking your brain to focus on something else, doesn't it? It can be really annoying, or even painful. Instead of ignoring this distraction, simply and calmly acknowledge it. Allow yourself to watch the though drift by. The easiest way this is done, is by taking a deep breath, relaxing your shoulders, and refocusing. You will feel your mind clear up. But, usually, the thought can coming screaming back into your head. So, take another breath, and feel your body. Try to imagine your breath being connected with the thoughts in your head. They come in and they go out. Try not to get stuck on any particular thought. Let them pass. Keep your breath in mind, and you will start to notice yourself relaxing. The distraction might still be there, but you have acknowledged it, and it wont affect you ass much. Try to relax, stay positive, and have hope that things will get better. Gets they most definitely will, believe me!! Good luck buddy.

Email me to let me know if this has helped, or if you have any other questions:
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