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Losing too much weight on marathon training!

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I entered for the Berlin Marathon this September 2009 earlier on this year, weighing around 56kg at 5 ft 5 at the time and aged 19. I am now well into my training program and have dropped to 50kg, despite trying to focus on eating plenty of carbohydrates to power my training.
At the moment I am running for roughly an hour every other day. I am a vegetarian, but have been for life without any problems, but recently I've been feeling physically tired and weak and have noticed my upper arm muscle just disappear because I don't do any strength training on them. On top of this, I have skipped my period for the last two months and this has never happened before. Are all these problems linked, and what kind of diet should I be aiming for? I'm worried about myself! I want to stay petite and toned, but need to be at my strongest to make it through the 26.2 mile race on the big day! Help!
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replied June 11th, 2009
hey,,,im a guy,, and for starters,,if u can have see on runners in sprint racing and ones in marathonn,,there seems to b a difference between their physicall apppearnce,,sprinters have muscle still but long runnerss marathonn dudes,,dont,,the reason is,,da sprint training probabbly makes dem reach the HIIT factor,,which is kinda traing which makes u losee alot of fat,,other dan dat in marathon da person keeps on goin and goin and everybody is really skinnnyy,,the thing is,,ure muscle is losin aswell instead of fat,,the body is taking energy by breakin down the muslce,,ure glucose level is probably down too,,ure probably not having enuf fat or proteins,,u shud check on ure daily intake on vitamins if u are takin any,,u shud,,waisayu,,i am not sure abt the science of it all,,but im sure wat i just said to u abt da muscle breakk down is wats goin onn,,u need protein nd atleast some fat ,,the boddy does need an amount of fat,,soo u need to find a veggie with high content of protein available at ure local store,,u need to google dat veggie and seems if its available,,just dont overexert ureself
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