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losing eyebrows and eyelashes

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Ok I am hoping somebody here may be able to point me in the right direction on what could be casing my brow and lash loss.

Let me give you a little history about my loss

A little under three years ago I started to notice my left brow only thinning out. At first I did not think much of it but as time went on I started to get a little more worried.

And about 2yrs ago I started to notice only my left eyelash thinning out.

I have only noticed the loss in my left brow and lash. My right side has remained the same (though I have cut it back to try and have match). The hair on my head has remained the same. I do suspect though there might be some thinning of some facial hair but I am really not sure about this.

Over the years I have seen a few docs/derms about this. Some have dismissed it as normal. While others have treated like it was alopecia.

Up until recently I thought it was alopecia but the last derm I saw felt it was not this since thinning is diffuse, there was no inflammation in the area and that the loss has progressed slowly over time. He went on to do some blood work which showed it was not alopecia.

Could this possibly be chronic TE?

All of my thyroid blood work came back normal. Though I have read that you can still have a problem even though stuff shows up as normal.

I have been using rogain foam on my brow for the last 2 months but I have not seen much in the way of results.

Again the thinning is diffuse though some areas of the brow seem to be thinning somewhat faster than other areas and it has progressed slowly over the past 3yrs.
The hair that remains is thin and lifeless.

Any ideas on what could be causing only my left brow/lash to fall out?



Edit: Forgot to add that I am 19.
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