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Lose weight with bad hip....

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Hi, I'm 21 years old and a little overweight.

I want to be able to lose weight and I know that the best and safest way to do this is eat little and often, eat heathily and the bad stuff in moderation along with regular exercise.

My problem is, I have a problem with my right hip (which is being investigated by the hospital). I am unable to put any weight on it or much movement as it causes me a LOT of pain. For me to get around I use 2 elbow crutches which makes life somewhat harder.

Does anyone have any advice? I did have a calorie counter thing and I was eating about 2000 calories (which is probably too much seeing as I can't exercise).

Any help and advice would be grately appreciated
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First Helper micmastermoby33

replied October 16th, 2011
this probably doesnt help but for wrestling to loose weight i only eat like vegtables and rice patties. stay away from bread and just eat as little as you can but start eating littler and healtheyier and for working out id go to a sona room thing and just do upper body workouts and youll loose a ton of weight like that. im 130 and i wrestled 119 just doing that for a few weeks hope it helped. and u should check your messages please i messaged you somthing.. so hope that helped good luck
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