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Loryna birth control - extreme back pain

I began using Loryna birth control 5 weeks ago. At first I had many of the regular symptoms which were not bothersome such as breakthrough bleeding and some nausea. These seemed to go away. Now I am experiencing a sensation where I feel the need to pee all the time even after I've just gone to a point of severe discomfort. In the last two days I have developed SEVERE mid to low back pain, mostly mid. It gets worse at night and is not relieved by certain body positions. I also have some abdominal discomfort and nausea, worse than what I had at first. PLEASE HELP IT TRULY HURTS and I am not sure if it's the birth control. I've never had any pain like this before. I am 20, in good shape and good health.
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replied August 17th, 2015
Hi Dana, you can use MTP Kit for safe and unwanted pregnancy. It is completely abort your pregnancy without any side effects
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