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Loosing memory body and brain feels infected!Smell burning help

Ild appreciate if u could read this its long and confusing ! I am 24 male and the symptoms I am getting are bazzare for the last 2 years since a misuse of cocaine and vodka left me brain fogged ! But I was told then it was all anxiety related my brain went heavy n numb but I have been on anti anxiety drugs n depressants etc i used to smell burning with all these symptoms over a year and half ago and headaches with memory loss . I had a ct brain scan witch came back normal in 2011 and my symptoms was getting worse after all that so I had a MRI on the brain about 5 month after the ct scan. Again came back normal ! So obviously the neurologist and doctors thort it was in my mind ! Witch I kind of excepted. Still being on the diazepam 5mg 3x per day and amitriptline 200mg at night for over 2 years it all seemed unreal but I learned how to except what I had. For over a year I was never right but in a better frame of mind and nothing seemed to bother me at all I was still taking all my tabs bla bla and as the health part it all seemed the same so I didn't really go back to the doctors

Now about 8-10 weeks ago I was still taking my mess as usual but I started getting really bad head aches and the smelling burning came back strong and my speech is very slurred well sounds like a task to speek properly ! My wholebody is killing me from top to bottom my muscles feel infected my face muscles are hurting and my head is on fire in the left and right side migraines are unreal and it's constant my purples are dialated at night with my left eye going blury and bright ! But each day from about 8weeks ago are getting worse and worse I am loosing my memory and loosing my mind with it. I have forgot and still forgetting how to do simple tasks I can't remember and it all seems new I have worked on and off for years and I can't do what I used to be able to I am forgetting what things mean I can't add up properly can't understand people unable to read properly if somebody asks me a question it's like I don't no what the word means. I can't think what is going off around me and simple words I don't know what they meen ! If somebody emails me i have to read it over and over again to understand it and don't always understand what they still mean ! I say the wrong words to people what meen a complete different thing I'm forgetting how to cook properly !!! It's always playing on my mind like how can I stop this why is it happening what's going off ! The only thing I am doing right is noticing acually what's happening to me it's getting worse day bye day ..

I walk around and get lost in local places what I've known all my life I'm in serious pain in the head and body nothing is working what's so ever I had a EEG brainwave and waiting on relults my doctor don't think there's nothing wrong with me even tho all these symptoms have just came and its worsening day bye day I am worried sick because I feel like I'm totally dumb ! And fearing going to be brain dead in time I am clumsy behond believe ! I loose everything in my sight I forget how much money I have had I'm loosing it. I even forget my pin code for my credit card what I've had for years just everything to do with memory is falling apart I do drink at a weekend still that used to calm it down untill these new symptoms started 8weeks ago now when I drink it don't effect me i still feel seriously ill ... I meen it's abnormal smelling chronic burning muscles feel like there is a disease in them n brain feels melted !! I have no idea what's going off but no body thinks there's nothing wrong I'm 24 and loosing ability to do things say .. think .. read .. Understand things forget what words meen !! My partner thinks its all in my mind when it can't be ? Anxiety can not do this ? I'm confused because no body can figure out what's going.. May be a new MRI on the brain would show but the specielest says nothing will show from 2 years back ? Can mental health do this to somebody or do I have brain kinda damage I don't have the slightest idea .. Many thanks for reading this reply if possible with advise il check daily
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replied July 5th, 2013
Hi..I have had issues similar to yours...somehow I tend to forget things that I have always remembered..names,numbers esp. I have had many other symptoms like mild headache, slurred speech...weakness ... Constant worry and fear grip gp says its stress..since you have had all the necc tests done..the best you can do is do all that u can to help you get rid of this constant worry..I'm trying too..may be we can continue be in touch so we can help each other out of can PM me, or post some suggestions on this thread!
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