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loosing a good amount of hairs everyday

Hi, i'm loosing a good amount of hairs everyday from last 2-3 months , when i swipe my fingers through my head everytime i get 5-6 hairs, some area of my scapls have grey patches, and when i rotates my head suddenly, 1-2 hair starnds may fall, the hairs which fell out have a grey bulb tip at their ends.. I've some allergy issues with dust... Age:19 yrs.
Is this curable? And hairs may grow back?
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replied November 20th, 2016
Hey Friend!

I am no doctor, nor give medical sounds like you have telogen efluvium....this phase is temporary and hair will grow back!

You could see a dermatologist to speed things up!

Hang in there! I am here for you!
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replied September 27th, 2018
It's due to poor diet and proper care of hair. Taking the nutritional diet which contains protein and vitamins in sufficient amount help to make hair follicle stronger. Avoid chemical shampoo, conditioner and oils to hair in daily routine. Use natural products like aloe vera gel and coconut oil and olive to nourish your hair.
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