I am a 21 year old caucasian male. Since last week my bowel movements have been loose and more frequent. Normal for me would be 3 times every 2 days, they are up since last Tuesday to 6-7 x per day. They are a lot looser than normal, not quite diarrhoea but loose and not like my normal solid stool, it kind of collects in a delineated pile in the bowl and is much looser to come out. There is no blood in the bowl or on the toilet paper. It came on suddenly. It is associated with some mild abdominal pain more of a niggly ache in nature in the suprapubic region that kind of spreads across to both sides, onset sudden just before I need to go. The pain is brief and not severe (2/10) and is relieved by going, it is also sporadic, if I don't go it will go away in a couple of mins but return in 10 mins time. I also can't hold it for as long as I normally could. Once I get the feeling I need to go, it isn't urgent but I do need to go within half an hour or it becomes urgent. Prior to this I wouldn't have had a problem holding it for 2-3 hours if needs be. One other thing, I'm not sure how useful it is is that I ate some sweetcorn the other day, the stool showed sweetcorn in it the following afternoon. It is not associated with any nausea, vomiting or decreased appetite. It originally came on the morning after eating a burger from a market stall (I thought it was related but am thinking maybe not now the symptoms have persisted for a week).

I have no past medical history, no family history of any bowel disorders and am not on any medications. I don't smoke and very very rarely drink alcohol.

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replied December 9th, 2008
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My Boyfriend has this problem, he even went to the doctors about it and they had nothing to tell him. We are thinking maybe he is lactose because whenever he cuts out dairy it stops. It also much be that he has I.B.S (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) But all your symptoms are the exact same. His has been going on for 5-6 months now.

Just go and get checked it might relieve you.

Good luck!
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