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Long-term Sensation Following Open Inguinal Hernia Repair

I had open surgery with a mesh insert to repair a left inguinal hernia in October 2013 and the same on the right side ten months later. Both surgeries have healed nicely with no complications along the way. However, I have a continuing sensation mostly on the left side in the area where the mesh was inserted that I have sometimes referred to as an elephant trying to escape from my intestinal area. There is no visible swelling, no pain associated with the sensation but when I move in certain ways, that area of my gut feels tight or like something is stretching. I don't notice the sensation while sitting or laying down or just standing. During a recent gastroenterologist visit for colitis monitoring, I described what I continue to feel and was told that likely one or more adhesions developed following the first surgery, and I'm feeling those when I move in certain ways. That makes sense to me, but I'm wondering if anyone else has ever experienced what I'm describing. Thanks.
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