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long term Effects of Adderall and Zoloft and Interactions

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I was wondering about medications interacting with each other.
I have been on Adderall and Zoloft for over 12 years (currently on 75mg of zoloft and 5mg of Adderall)
Additionally i was recently prescribed Xanax (.5mg 3 times a day) For Anxiety Issues (Headachse Dizziness) And Prilosac (20mg about a week Ago) For Gastric Reflex issue. I was wondering what Interactions these drugs have and if they may be causing the Gastric and head issues. Spicificly i was wondering what possible effects long term use of sertraline (zoloft) and Amphetamine salts (Adderall) have?
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replied August 27th, 2010
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That's a dang good question and I would like an answer as well.

I too take amphetamine salts (10-20mg daily) and for about a month or so, SOMA at night (yes, I know can be very addicting), Prilosec as needed (for gastritis).

So in the morning an upper or two and at bedtime a downer...

You mentioned anxiety...did yours start a while after taking Adderall? It can be a side effect...took approx 6 months for mine to kick in... I've learned to deal with it and breathe when I feel anxiety coming on.

Suppose we could contact a pharmacist or two and see what guidance they might provide.

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