Hello. I am continuing to deal with major depressive disorder. I have felt a very long-lasting sense of anhedonia and disinterest in the majority of my life's activities. Even on the happiest of occasions, I always feel completely neutral and stoic. It is difficult to experience excitement, nearly impossible to look forward to anything since very very little is even in the slightest appealing to me, and I am usually so unenthused by the day-to-day routine of life that I can hardly get out of bed anymore in the mornings without forcing myself to.

I am becoming less social and am getting upset a lot more often with those around me including friends, family, acquaintances, etc. and often for not a lot of reason that I can identify other than I simply cannot feel anything except being numb.
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replied January 18th, 2019
On reading your post, it is clear that you are dealing with huge depression. In my opinion, you should make your self busy in the things that you like and which can give you the required boost up in your life. A close friend of mine was also suffering from the situation but she found it better to consult the psychic therapist who helped her in getting the proper solution of her problem. If you want you can also proceed in the same way and or else go with other suggestions too.
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