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Long period with weepy mood stage not going away.

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Hello. 29, no kids, no drugs of any type, no recent sex.

Stopped drinking all soda about 8wks ago.

Period was a few days late, then went on as usual. Noticed I'm weepy and emotional and it is not going away. Then period stopped for a few days, but came back. Been repeating like this for the 3rd or 4th time now.

What could possibly be the cause?
Would a general doctor be able to help?
What type of info should I write down to remember to tell the doctor?

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replied July 17th, 2017
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It sounds like you need to see your doctor. Write down the last few period dates and durations if you can remember that. Your GP might be able to help. It depends on where you live. In some countries you will just be referred to a gynecologist.

You may also just go straight to a gynecologist.

Best of luck!
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