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Lonely I will be alone forever

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I am fearful I will never have another friendship ever. I don't have good friends now that I am close to. I lost my last girlfriend due to constant fighting and outbursts between us. I am also not very social and do not have many friends I can see. I talk to a few friends but they don't usually hang out with me or come visit me. I am worried for my future as I want to be a clinical psychologist but I am antisocial to an extreme degree. I want to make more friends and be more positive in my life's outlook but am struggling with depression from loneliness and sadness. What do people usually do to try to make more healthy friendships? I don't seem to know why but I don't have the best ability to communicate sometimes with people and I am thinking that could be off-putting to other people. What could I do to improve my chances of making more friendships?
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