Im feeling really down, I have no friends and no one I can really talk to about my problems. I have a big family that all succeed in everything they do and I am the youngest, I just feel like I let down all the time. They tell me that Im smart and can do great things with my life, I how ever do not feel this way I have dropped out of college twice because I didnt enjoy what I was doing and felt pressured into doing it, I am at college now but have hit a rough patch and am struggling with it at the moment. I am detetrmined I want to go and finish it but then when it comes down to it I dont have the motivation. My parents dont encourage me to go either they just shout at me about me wasting my life away, which I know is true but I feel I cant do anything to stop it from happening. All I want to be is happy but its not something I can see happening for along time.
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replied March 16th, 2009
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I'm the youngest of a smaller dysfunctional family sort of know how you feel everyone is out to tell you what they think you should do but do they ever really think about whats important to you!
Define success over a life time.
My life has been a myriad of so called failures but some of those failures have in reality probably saved my life! I have some debilitating health issues, in hind sight i'm glad i failed at everything i've done in the past for two reasons, I have gained the experience of each one & I wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't fail. Not that i'm saying it's ok to have a slack attack, effort recieved for effort applied (is that some sort of wise statement that will be revered somwhere in my distant history).I believe we were put on this earth to make our own decisions & some times we will get it right & some times well get it wrong, but we make them because of whats important to us because, ultimately we are made in the image of God, which means we are important too. Whats important to you! Some times the world Gets things all out of wack & greed seems to be the biggest failure, look at the economic state, whats caused it, greed!
I haven't been able to find where i can reply via this site to your "send a message" option!? are you registered with the forum maybe thats why, register & you can have the option to hold private dialogue but still keep your contact protected. eg if you click on the logo (avatar) beside my timeisshort name it will take you to anew page where you can select "send a message"normally?, to me via this forum but won't make your or mine address visible, protecting all!
your contact is welcome, Hope i helped lift your spirits.
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