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Living with anxiety disorder!

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Remember the day before your final exams, you were anxious. You couldn’t sleep whole night due to pressure. Most of the people experience the same before any big event. Some are distressed, some are frightened, and some feel uneasy. It is normal to feel the adrenaline rush sometimes, but what happens when you feel the same constantly. Blood starts pumping much faster, heart starts beating more rapidly, sweating is no more normal. Anxiety disorder can make life difficult.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is about worrying excessively about a number of different things. People might be concerned about money, may be health, or may be something other. However, doesn’t matter what the issue is, they find it difficult to control their worry. They expect the worst even when there is no noticeable reason for concern. GAD is diagnosed when a person finds it difficult to control worry.

GAD is characterized by

* Difficult to control the worry
* Irritability
* Muscle tension
* Sleep disturbance
* Fatigue
* Restlessness

Treatment for GAD!

A number of treatments can help with GAD. If the situation is not worse, relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, exercise and other alternative treatments can help. There are different types of other treatments available to help with GAD. Cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) has been researched and it specifically targets thoughts, physical symptoms, and behaviors. Mindfulness based approaches also provides positive outcome.

If you are diagnosed with GAD or any other anxiety disorder, don’t suffer it alone. Talk to a friend or loved one and feel relaxed. You can go with some mind relaxation techniques to enjoy life more and have a bright day. Educate yourself on some of the different technique and try them out. You can even talk to a psychiatrist for easy solution to combat difficult situations.
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