My mother (65 years) was diagnoised with Ovarian Cancer Stage IIIC in Nov'2007. She took 2 rounds of Chemo theraphy. We had to stop 2nd round of chemo theraphy as she was getting severe back pain and fever.

Afer 2 months investigation, we found that she has developed TB in spine. She has been on TB medication since Jan'09.

We see good progress in MRI report but her fever is not going away.

Also, recently, we found that she gets pain in liver.

I am not sure if this has any link with liver cancer or not.

Doctor has given her some medication for liver pain but I am not sure even what should be our action plan.

Is there any tests which can be performed to confirm that this is not liver cancer. Can you pls provide list of tests.
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replied July 18th, 2009
have you took her to see another doctor more then one opinion is better then one.

.... only say because my friend well my uncle is wat i call him but hes having problems breathing and his doc, does not know what it is... and not even running any test. so hes looking for another opinion. or shall say for more help.

might be best for you two as well.
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replied August 27th, 2011
Liver pain?
There are many factors that cause liver pain. The use of excess fats helps make the liver enlarged and also damage. Blood pressure, diabetes type 2 symptoms and also metabolic syndrome tend to be certain health conditions that creates pain inside liver. Swollen spleen is also one of the reasons to get liver pain. Alcohol consumption along with patients in the last period of liver cancers undertake serious [URL="http://www.liverpainonline.com"]live r pain[/URL].
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