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Liver lesions and testicular cancer?

Hello all,
One month ago my husband and I learned that he has testicular cancer 100% pure seminoma, stage 1A, negative tumor markers, normal blood work, C-XR and abdominal/pelvis CT scans are negative. We picked surveillance as a "treatment" option.

On previous CT scan (abdomen and pelvis) from 2006 radiologist saw 3 mm lesion on his liver and said that it looks like hemangioma. On May 2011 he did another CT scan (he was experiencing some abdominal pain at that time) and CT report came back as normal but at that time he had two liver lesions instead of one, and the one that was present on the previous CT scan back in 2006 was larger, measuring 16 mm. The second one (new one?) has same characteristics like the first one, measuring 18 mm, and both of them look like hemangiomas.

When he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he did routine CT scan just to be sure that cancer did not spread into his stomach, and on that scan everything was normal. They saw these two lesions unchanged in size and shape but since he has testicular cancer oncologist referred him to do more tests. He did MRI test and radiologist reported that these two lesions look like atypical hemagiomas but considering that he was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer, he suggested ultrasound test. On Ultrasound test they were able to see just one lesion (the 18 mm one) and on the report he wrote that this lesion does not have typical characteristic of hemangioma and he recommended biopsy.
All other organs are normal and unremarkable.

My questions are: Do you know what this could be? Can this be connected to stage 1a pure seminoma? If these lesions are metastatic is it possible that they did not change in size for past 6 months, and that he does not have any symptoms? Could this indicate that he has some other cancer in his body?

Thank you soo much for your time.
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replied November 13th, 2011
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May God be with you! Cancer is like a ephedemic. My mother unfortunetly did not know of certain developments in supporting her immune system nor was we aware of some of the developments available. She past with throat cancer in 2003.

Ever since I've always woundered what I know now, could I've made a diffence. We live in a stressful environment that is unavoidable that more disorders & diseases are becoming more common.

Dijana, have you considered a more holistic approach? because it's all about being proactive today. Doctors are learning as well as us on the on going changes that our immune system has to constantly defend against.

I'm very serious about the information on a antioxidant glutathione the most prevalent one found in every cell, trillions of them, that I found is the most profound antioxidant in supporting the immune system against inflammation from a intracellular level.

That can lead to cancer. I've seen much research, and I am a avocate on this subject. I am not a doctor, but I am hear to provide what notes I may have on this to help you make some decisions on providing a better chance of giving back some of the quality of life we are deserve.

For Research go to: THE U.S NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE AND HEALTH-- hear is where all the most experience reseach & doctors go for the latest developments on certain disorders or diseases.

God Bless!
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