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I went for a blood test to test for Ovulation as my husband and I have been trying for a baby for 12 months now.

When the tests came back they showed high liver Enzymes (193). The doctor decided to retest my bloods and check for Diabetes etc 5 weeks later. The next set of tests showed levels at (120), so they were going down but still high. (The Doctor said to be considered normal it would be under 50). He also said that they showed that I was not Diabetic.

He then sent me for an ultrasound on the Liver, Kidneys and Gall Bladder which all came back as normal.

I do not drink at all, and have not been on any form of Antibiotic etc in last few months at least, and I don't take asprin as I had asthma as a child so am not supposed to take it.

My Doctor wants to send me for some more specific tests. What is he likely to be testing for? Should I be worried? Is it affecting my pregnancy chances?

Any help / advice gratefully received.

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