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Liver burning

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I am a 35 year old woman, have 3 children and am in good general health. I eat sensibly, I do enjoy butter and dairy and could probably cut down a bit, but I am not overweight, in fact my bmi is spot on.

I drank more than I should have (on average 25 - 35 units a week?) from the age of 18 until my early 30's. I first noticed a 'burning' sensation on my right hand side, just under my ribcage, about 4 years ago. I have been pregnant twice in the last 4 years so have had nearly 2 years off drink nearly totally in this time. I know when I have been pregnant I have not had this sensation. For the last 12 months I have really cut down on my alcohol intake and have on average 6-8 units a week now.

I would describe the sensation as a mild burning pain, sometimes nearer the front, sometimes nearer the back, and sometimes right up into my shoulder blade area. Some days I don't feel it at all.

I am very worried to raise this issue with anyone and have never discussed it with a doctor as am frightened of the results/process to find out what the problem is. I am also on a course of antibiotics, and read the small print that you shouldn't take with liver disease......

I have taken milk thistle supplement on/off for a year.

What should I do - stop my alcohol intake all together and see if it goes away? How long would it take to konw this? Take a liver function tests Cut out all dairies. I find it strange that when I abstained whilst pregnant I didn't have any pain, but now mild intake seems to trigger it.

Help, I am very worried :O(
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replied February 13th, 2010
sorrel; I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with HEP C after my brother was diagnosed my whole family was tested; I was another "unlucky one" out of 8. My brother went through the grueling treatment of inferion and ribo. It seemed as though he was dying for a year; it did nothing for him, I refused the same path. I begin researching and decided to try a little of everything and pay CLOSE ATTENTION to my own body. Since I LOVE to drink in moderation, quitting wasn't going to be an easy option for me. I won't get into all the trial and errors I found to finally make myself feel normal but I will hit the highlights of what I found to be somewhat deceiving from my perspective:

Milk Thistle: Although I benefited from the "liver cleansing effect", taking this every day caused the burning sensation you are explaining in me; not to mention the chest pains (sound familiar?). I go on a regime now of one tablet, once a day for one week every 6-8 weeks.

Daily diet: 500mg Vit. E, 500 mg Vit. C

Breakfast- 1 ounce yogurt, cup of orange juice, slice of toast with peanut butter

Lunch- one can of Slim Fast (not sure why but this seems to keep me "regular") one of the main problems with HVC is constipation.

Dinner- Generally what ever I between meals orange and or apples, bananas.

I also do a light weight lifting session every other day and try to get a walk or even a run in during the week.

Did I mention I drink almost everyday but feel great? I am 44 yrs old. I gave up on Doctors because everything they suggested only made me feel worse. I’m not sure what my viral load is and really don’t care as long as I feel good. Feeling bad is a sure sign something is wrong, feeling good is a sure sign something is not.
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