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Little sensation during sex

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I have very little sensation during intercourse. It feels good and is fun but I can not even imagine it feeling good enough to to give me an orgasm. I''ve had 9 partners of all sizes and levels of experience, so I''ve experienced all kinds of techniques and tried many different things. I even had someone rub my clitoris while having intercourse and while it did feel much better it was extremely impractical and ruined the flow of things. Besides this I''d just like to experience a purely vaginal orgasm- instead of the ones I receive from oral sex or masturbation. Does anyone know of anything I can try? I am insanely jealous of some of my friends who can get vaginal orgasms and say they''re much better than clitoral orgasms (idk if that''s the proper term!). Thanks!
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replied April 13th, 2010
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Kizi, First off there is absolutely nothing wrong with clitoral orgasms. The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings with only one purpose - your orgasm. There are just no other part of either a man's or woman's body that is that sensitive and not even a penis has that single minded purpose. So don't go all negative on your clitoris and clitoral orgasms.

The reason why you do not orgasm during intercourse is that your anatomy is such that your clitoris does not get the stimulation it needs during sex. Researchers found that when your clitoris is more than 1 inch away from your vaginal opening, normal in/out sex will not give you an orgasm. You have to add things like manual clitoral stimulation or special positions to get an orgasm. One such a very specialized position that almost guarantee mind blowing orgasms for both of you is called the coital alignment technique (C.A.T.). You can search the interwebs for more information.

Not all women can have vaginal orgasms. On MRI scans, about 50% of women were found to have the g-spot. It is also thought that the g-spot develops with time. Very few teens have it but many late 20's and early 30's women have it. Nobody is sure yet why that is or what the significance is. Your vagina is also no rich in nerve endings in the inner 2/3.

I would suggest that you first try to reach a vaginal orgasm by fingering or a g-spot sex toy. It is just that much easier once you know that you have one and how to locate it.

The sex positions for g-spot orgasms are you on top and change your angle until it is hit by his penis, any of the positions with you on your back and your legs in the air and a pillow under your behind, and doggy with your behind in the air and your upper body on the bed/floor.

These are also the positions where either you or him have easy access to your clitoris and either one of you can stimulate it during intercourse without it being impractical. You can certainly not do that with in the missionary position. You should also show him how you like to be touched. Let him watch while you masturbate. It might feel funny but it will blow his mind. He can then see the speed and movements you need to get off. Hopefully he will learn from it and apply it to his own love making.

Best of luck!
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