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Little red dots - allergic reaction ?

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Hello, I have this little red dots that started in my stomach they werent intchy at all then they started appearing in my legs usually under my knee but after a few days they would dissapear and more would appear in another part of my body this kept going on and on, right know i have alot on the side of my knee and these are really itchy and 3 new ones in my arm between my hand and elbow only one is itchy, i didnt pay attention to this because i thought it was a but byte, i heard that they would byte you and a couple a days later you would start seeing like mosquito bytes, but it is already too much for that, a month ago i had an allergic reaction to a medicine i got really itchy all over my body and my face started to swollen but they gave me something and a few mintutes it started to go away but like i said that was almost a month ago does it have anything to do with that?

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