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Little bumps all over body

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I have tiny little bump all over my body. They don't inch. I do have very bad case of dry skin. These bumps cover my whole body. They feel like goose bumps that never go away. When they first showed up it was just on the back of my arm then over the years they spread to my entire body. When I was born my skin was peeling, I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I have two daughters and they have it too. I seen a doctor but they said it was eczema but try the meds and didn't help. I feel bad when someone touch me. I would like to find something that would help it. I would like smooth skin. I have tried many different types of lotion but nothing seems to help my skin. Please help me and my girls.
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replied November 23rd, 2009
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Seeing my husband doctored for nearly two years with a red rash that would get like a white crust on it, I know where you are...He went through treatments (through Dermatologist) with a Sun lamp type deal in a big box with goggles for near two months...Never helped...He has had three biopsies, all negative, and in time it has kind of settled down...That is as long as he stays out of the Sun...Have you ever considered the Sun being a culprit?...It is, was and always will be with him...Good luck...

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