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lisinop/hctz safety ?

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Basically, my bp is pretty high, so my doctor put me on lisinop/hctz (20mg/25mg). I just picked it up and plan on starting it tomorrow morning when I wake up.
However, I have an admittedly silly, but very real fear of taking pills. I read too deeply into things and the side effects and potential problems just scare the heck out of me. Of course, it's not easy to find "good" stories on this drug online, but rather a lot of complaints.

So, I'm not sure if I'm just looking for reassurance, or some sort of factual data that may put me at ease, or what, but any input or advice is certainly welcome!
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replied February 2nd, 2010
It is entirely possible for most people to lower and control their blood pressure without medications!

In addition to monitoring your diet (look at the DASH diet) and exercising, dietary supplements and medical devices can he highly effective.

Supplements to consider:

Medical devices:
-Zona Plus (my favorite:)
-Resperate, stress eraser, or similar.

I would highly encourage you to try some alternatives before starting the medications (be particularly wary of beta blockers- they can do terrible things to your body!).

Good Luck!
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replied February 4th, 2010
easygoing how is the lisinopril working for you? I took it a few times but it made me cough real bad after I took it. Doctor switched me to another type. Right now I am trying a breathing technic to lower bloodpressure by getting rid of excess salt in the body. I started it on Jan 26 for once a day to breath 10 breaths in a min for a time of 15 minutes. Somehow this is suppose to help the excess salt leave your body. I took by blood pressure 2 different times and was surprised at my readings of 129/83 and 123/80 when I usually am in the 146/84 area. Another day I did eat salty chips and I did have a higher reading. So I know not to eat any salty stuff. This breathing thing is suppose to be done for a period of 2 months. At this time I am not on any BP meds and haven't been for over a year.
Let me know how you are doing.
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replied September 24th, 2010
Easygoing, I am in your shoes, I just came from the doctor and have been given the same RX. Can you tell me did you end up taking it? How is it going?
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