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Likely pregnancy symptoms ?

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I''m trying for number two now.
So far this cycle, I have had a crap ton of headaches. [but I''m afraid it could be the new season to blame.]
I also had a bit of cramping about a week ago, but none since then.
I''ve been experiencing back pain from hell, I''d say.
Today, the day that my period is due, I noticed some pinkish discharge.
I can''t turn my head to look in the backseat of my car to look at my daughter or to grab something from the back without watching the world spin and make me feel like I want to puke and go to sleep. [makes me miserable sometimes]
Any ideas? Smile
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replied June 6th, 2010
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I think you are pregnant! I had symptoms for a good month that drove me crazy and the tests came out negative. Then I took a test and I found out I was just after four weeks along. I had all of that really bad. Oh! and watch for nipple pain. I woke up one day and I was about 2 weeks along and I had REALLY sensitive nipples. I would say congrats and keep us updated with everything! Take two tests a week to make sure you are or not.
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