12 months ago I had a sudden onset of lightheadedness while at the gym. My head felt like I had a bad headcold (fuzzyness, pressure) and my eyesight seemed slightly effected in brighlights, and I found it hard to concentrate on objects for very long.
The feeling has been with me 24/ 7 since. I've had all the major tests and the best the doctors can do is say it might be migraine related. No medication has helped.
I'm a very fit and healthy 28-year-old and am suffering lots of anxiety because of this.
Has anybody experienced similar problems? The anxiety of all this sometimes gets to me.
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replied June 12th, 2008
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You may want to try sinurinse. It is a device that shoots water in one nostril and it drain out of the other nostril. This flushes anything out of the sinus cavity. It has been very beneficial to many people.

The other thought is have you seen an allergist? This sounds like it may be allergy related. The sinurinse will help with that as well.
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replied November 9th, 2011

I know this has been a long long time since anything has been written on this topic, but thanks to google I came across it. I have actually had the same thing for about a month. I have been lightheaded 24/7. Funny enough I too am a fit 28 year old. Thought it could be due to something at the gym, but don't know for sure. I thought would see what or if the problem was ever remedied? Hope your email still works, as you say this is annoying!!!
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