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Lightheaded after appendix and bowel repair

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On 8th Jan i had op to remove my appendix and at the same time they had to repair my bowel. They said my bowel was stuck together? I am into the 2nd weel now and find that when i move around a feel light headed and sometime i feel shakey and dizzy. I have still got a lot of gas pain in my stomach.If i walk too far my stomach kills me. My bowel movements have never been so good since op i go twice a day every day without any problems. apart from the wind and feeling light headed i feel fine. When can i start to drive again.
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replied January 23rd, 2009
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Is normal to feel pain around the incision site,when moving, walking, and, especially after long periods of standing.
Full recovery is usually achieved within three weeks following the surgery.
If you noticed that the pain is getting worse over time, with redness at your incision site, consult your surgeon.
It's good to know that your bowel movements are regular (that means that you are free of adhesions that very often develop after surgery causing bowel obstruction with diffuse crampy abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements).
Due to blood loss and energy needed for healing, your body reacts with lightheadness and dizziness, and extreme feeling of tiredness.
If these spells become very often, contact your physician.

Best wishes!
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replied March 25th, 2009
Dizzy as well
I, too just had my appendix removed and have been experiencing dizzy spells. I had the surgery a week ago, hardly any pain left and regular bowel movements, but the dizziness was concerning. Blood pressure is normal as well. The doctor's office wasn't concerned, but it is very troublesome!
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replied June 11th, 2009
Dizziness QA
Hi Lyn,

I am having the same experience after my appendix was removed. Going on week 3 now and I have had the dizziness/light headednesss since 1.5 weeks. My GP was not too concerened either & didn't take my blood pressure but my pharmacist friend mentioned the healing process may have resulted in low iron levels or some other change to my blood composition.

Did the light headedness go away i.e. how many weeks. Did you find something that made it better i.e. supplements, etc ....


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replied June 10th, 2010
I too am lightheaded after surgery, as well. I am 2.5 weeks out of an intestinal resection (removal of my appendix, 6 inches small intestine, 4 inches colon), due to Crohns disease. It seems to be less noticeable if I strive to drink at least of 3/4 gallon of water a day, which isn't always easy.
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