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My name is Zack, i'm a 26 year old male with no previous vision problems until about a month ago.

At night I see bright radiant streaks from bright light sources. Just recently, the last couple of days, I've noticed larger streaks. Yesterday they radiated from the top of the lights in addition to the other thinner streaks. Tonight I noticed two upside down "V" streaks that abruptly stopped where the thinner streaks normally do. The bright streak from the top of the light from the night before wasn't there.

The "V" streaks were rather bright and I couldn't see past them to see what was in the background like I can with the thinner more transparent streaks.

I also notice that when i look at a bright light source and close my right eye I see "phantom" light radiating toward the right with my left eye. The best way I can describe it is it's like a ghost image just slightly off from the real one. Vice versa with my left eye.

In addition I've also noticed that with certain bright lights facing me, particularly yellow and white street lights i see a fine "mist-like" image that seems to radiate or move within the light "haze". At the moment i'm assuming it's just the blood cells traveling through the capillaries in my eyes and the super bright lights are just making them visible.

I am unsure if it is normal. Traffic lights also seem the have a haze about them as well, lacking the moving dot components.

Side Note: I do have the ability to see blue field entoptic phenomenon.

I'm hoping that a lot of this is just in my head, otherwise it's in my eyes.

Thank you for your time.

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replied January 28th, 2013
Light streaks
Have the same problem and am 25 and it started about 4 months ago with some minor eye floaters. I see u posted this some time ago. Find any answers? I'm a bit concerned myself.
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replied July 28th, 2013
I also have this problem, I'm 20 years old and have never had any kinds of vision problems before this. I have been experiencing this for about 6 months now and am growing more and more worried because it's not getting better. If you ever found out anything about this please tell me.
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