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Light spotting two weeks ago, now brown discharge, no period.

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So my periods are always consistent. I get cranky a few days before as well as get tender boobies, the day before I start to bleed I get terrible cramps that leave me in tears, and I am always extremely bloated and I always get it at the right time of the month. It starts off with a couple consistent drops that I need to use light tampons during and than it will become a lot heavier with clots and last four days tops.

Two weeks ago, I had light pink spotting for about three days. And now, I have a dark brown discharge that is not clumpy like clots but has small clumps, and it has been doing this for about two and a half days now. I have zero period symptoms, and I am at the time of the month that I should be on my period. I have had unprotected sex during the past month, it usually starts out unprotected and about half way through the act we use a condom but there has been one occasion where he pulled out.

A few months ago I had a chemical pregnancy where I miscarried before I found out I was pregnant, but I took a pregnancy test while I was miscarrying and it came out lightly positive. I took another test a few days later and it was negative. I went to the clinic after that and their test also came back negative and they told me about the chemical pregnancy. I had posted about it for advice on yahoo answers when I had been late and everyone told me I was not pregnant, so clearly yahoo is not a reliable source for answers. In a few days time if nothing changes I will take a pregnancy test, but I am curious if there could be anything wrong with me.
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