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light spotting after period?

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i am 21 and i have never had sex before after my period ended i started spotting (dark brown) this is the first time it happened, usually me period is regular 4 to 5 days, should i be worried?
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replied April 21st, 2011
if it happened for the first time, u shudn't be worried. it may be any hormonal change that has triggered this. but its quite normal. Eat well, drink a lot. specially increase natural iron intake. relax ur mind and hopefully everything will be all right.
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replied April 21st, 2011
Causes of Spotting After Period
•The most common cause of spotting, which occurs a week or so after the periods have ended, and is brownish in color, could be because the uterus was not able to fully pass out the menstrual tissue during the periods, and hence is expelling it, a week after the menstruation has ended.
•Spotting after periods could be due to the hormonal changes that are taking place inside a woman's body, due to various reasons such as sexual intimacy.
•Another of the reasons for spotting after period is anxiety and stress which a woman is experiencing.
•If the woman is taking certain medicines or drugs, they can cause side effects such as spotting in between the cycle.
•Certain health conditions, such as, cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, can result in spotting after periods.
•Spotting in the middle of the cycle, especially if it is very less and the blood discharged is brown in color, could be due to implantation bleeding.
•If the bleeding is in excess, it could be a signal of miscarriage.
•Any injury that has occurred to the vagina, due to putting foreign objects inside it, can cause spotting after period.
•If the woman has started taking oral contraceptives, or has suddenly stopped taking them, it can cause spotting after periods in her.
•Spotting may also occur during ovulation in a woman, i.e., between day ten and day nineteen of her menstrual cycle, which is considered quite normal.
•Girls who have just started with their periods, may experience some kind of spotting in between their periods, as their menstrual cycles have still not regularized.
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