I am suffering from constipation from past 2 days and had to try hard to pass during bowel movement and had pain also. I was having fever and cough last week and took some medication like ibuprufen, mucinex and some syrup. During this period my diet was not proper.

Today I saw a light bright red on the last stool and observed a little bright red blood on the toilet paper after wipe.

I am scared and not sure what to do.. is it something serious?

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replied June 3rd, 2009
hello any bleeding from anal area should be checked. however i myself experienced this with bad constipation and had slightly tore a bit of skin tissue with stressing to move my bowels. i still had it checked and even yet if constipated i still feel a pinch as my bowel empties. on occassion i use a stool softener like dulcolax to help make passing easier.So my advise is get it checked for own piece of mind it maybe something simple. hope this helps you.
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