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light pinkish bleeding for an hour... then it stopped?

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Okay so I need some help!
I think I could be pregnant, and I was wondering if anyone out there could possibly help me, maybe even reassure me! I have heard a lot of people say when you know, you KNOW.... and even though I have that feeling, I am trying to talk myself out of it!
SOOOOO let's start with this:
My last real period was December 25th through the 29th.
January I had a "period" it was very weird and strange, most definitely a first for me ( and I was told to not think to much on it because changes do happen as you get older) So I ignored it!
I am a very regualr person, I always start and end my periods on time and exactly as they were the time before!
I will go on to say that Jan. surprised me! As I started on a Wednesday, for about an hour, very light pinkish bleeding... then it stopped. It started back again thursday mid afternoon, light and pink and went on like that for a day or two! And by light I mean VERY LIGHT, not quite qualified as spotting!
Two weeks after that weird encounter, I experienced brown spotting, which lasted a day, two at the most, and was only noticable when wiping. I then went on to miss my period for February, and it's now March 2, 2011 and here I sit, wondering and worrying.
And yes for those of you who are probably wondering I have taken an at home test, two of them to be exact and they came out negative. Which doesnt surprise me because I was spotting only 12 days ago... and if that was implantation bleeding I doubt there woudl be enough hormone to detect the preganancy!
I could really use thoughts and advice!
Let me know what you think!
Thanks so much!
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replied March 2nd, 2011
I realize that I left a few things out!
A few weeks ago I was sitting at my computer in my office and a few of the ladies were in the kitchen! They were heating up lasgna (one of my all time favorite things to eat) and as I sat here and smelled it, it was making me sick to my stomach, then Sunday night I made dinner for my hubby, lasagna, go figure! And later that night I threw every bit of it up... and felt nauseous the next morning as well, well on into the late night Monday...
Any advice is much appreciated!
Thanks so much
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