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Light pink blood

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Okay so me and my boyfriend have been having un protected sex for about a year now. We had sex on feb 22 and my periods normally come on the 15th. I was on birth control for about 5 months but stopped about 4 months ago. So on the 17th I had some brown on my underware and some light pink blood which I have never had that before... So I am very worried about this and I was wondering if someone could help me. Also I have had strange cramp like pains in my lower stomach. So please let me know what you think this is. Thanks
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First Helper Coombiya1230

replied March 13th, 2010
Hi there, Do you think there could be a chance you could be pregnant? Sometimes you can have spotting if your pregnant when you would normally have your period. or it could just possibly be your period starting as you have stomach cramps, If it doesn't go then i'd see a doctor.
Good luck, hope you get it sorted! x
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