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Light Period with Breast Tenderness starting during it

Hi All,

So heres my deal. I stopped the pill on June 11. I figured it would be awhile before af arrived so imagine my surprise when she showed up this past Sunday 7/5. This period was waaaayyy lighter then anything I have ever had on BC or naturally. It was rusty red with zero clots. It spotted Sunday, was medium Monday night thru Wednesday afternoon, and is no spotting almost gone, today Thursday.

The strangest part of all of this is the breast pain. I had zero breast tenderness when the bleeding started, but on tuesday on it has started and gotten worse every day as the period has gotten lighter. Am I wrong or should tenderness decrease with a period, not increase??!!

Was this an anovulatory cycle and my hormones are just waaayy out of whack or could I be PG? I have had unprotected sex every day since ending the pills. I took a test yesterday one day after breast tenderness started and it was negative.

What do you all think? Sorry for being long winded. LOL Question Question Question
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replied May 24th, 2010
you might not be pregnant!!! But i see you trying to get pregnant i hope you are*** Just because i have unprotected sex everyday ""TRUST"" me it dont mean notthing me and my husband been together for 5years having unprotected sex still notthing happen now i just start my period on May 23,20010 Sunday my breast is soo tender hurtin so bad in my period or very light and i have havey very havey peiod so i dont know whats the deal i just when you have unprotected sex crazy things will happen in your body!!
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