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light period or implntation bleeding

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So here is my situation. I am drving myself almost crazy! I was suppose to start my period on September 15th. I started what I thought was my period on the 9th. At first it was like a really light pink when I wiped. I figured I was just about to start my period. Keep in mind my breasts were hurting SO BAD. They never felt like that before I was going to start my period. I could not even walk down the stairs fast because they hurt so freaking bad! Anway, from the 9th through the 16th I bled very lightly. It was not enough to fill a tampon by all means. It started out very light pink and gradually became more red like a watery red then brown when I wiped. It was never enough to fill a tampon nor a pad. On the 10th I went to medical and they did the female exam. I guess it was a pap smear and she said it was just my period. Because it had some blood on it. I never got the cramps which I always always get them. I always get crampy and bloated. I never experienced any. So anways, my periods never last more than 4 days either. You can normally tell the difference between period blood and maybe something else. I am not sure. I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding but now I amnot sure. I took a test like a 3 days ago and it was negative. I dont want to take anymore because I dont want to see a negative again when I am trying to get pregnant. Also, I am not on any birth control nor have I ever ever been. I just am having trouble figuring out what maybe it could be. Just making it really hard on me. But on the 10th when the doc did the exam it was like pink red blood and enough to actaully show up on the "tool". But then later on in those days I never felt cramps or bloatedness and it did not bleed like a period. It was never mucousy and dark like a period either. I dunno I am so confused. Have any advice????

SORRY to be a little graphic.....
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replied September 20th, 2008
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It's quite possible that you just had a light period for a change. If you think you might be pregnant, you should take a test.
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