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Light period for 2 months in a row :/

So I've been having light periods for 2 straight months... the 1st month was at first looks like a brown discharge then it became light to medium flow... then the 2nd one is its really really light. I was a regular with 3-4 days max... but overtime, there are months that I skip a period then my cycle will change. Usually it comes during the 1st week of the month then it will change to the last week and vice versa. Now, I think my cycle changed but it became lighter. I'm nervous that I'm pregnant bec my bf and I are having sex. But we pull out everytime. Some of the articles that I've read is that bec of stress (im studying), or the thyroid... im too big for my height, they say im too fat... idk whats wrong pls help. I also took a PT, it came out negative
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