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Light period and discharge

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Hi, I need some peace of mind here. I have been feeling not my norm almost four weeks now.?
I had unprotected sex around the 5th of last month (October) and on the seventh got what I believed to be my period but it was extra weird. At first I felt some discharge coming down so I checked my undies and it was a quarter sized white discharge not hours after I get spotting go pee and its what I describe as light red the next day it increased just a tad to red no clots enough to fill one pad and stopped at pinkage discharge only lasted one and a half days not my norm cause Im pretty heavy always.

Weeks have passed I have been feeling weird my lower back pains me in great a little dizzy at times and tired.

Today I go use the restroom and notice when I wipe myself some pink to minor red but no blood when I peed, I even tried pushing it out to see if I started and nothing just brown type stuff when I wiped again.

What can this be?

He didnt pull out and he did come in me..

There is no way Im prego right I mean...??
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