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Light brown / red spotting

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I expected my period early last week (sometime around monday), and by friday I thought I was just late (which isnt too uncommon for me) but then by saturday morning I thought I had started my period. Usually I'll have cramps the day before and the day of getting it, so my body usually gives me a heads up. I didnt experience any cramping what-so-ever, and had a very light brown and red spotting for about 4 days. And I mean VERY light. It was probably enough to fill about 1/4 of a tampon all together. It has now just stopped completely and I have no signs of it coming back. I've also been extremely moody and irritable (which I NEVER am). I've never even experienced PMS in the entire 9 years ive been getting my period ( I know, hard to believe).

Just from common sense, I would assume I could be pregnant. I just don't wanna over think it all and just be stressing my body from not getting my period. Even though it usually has no problem coming, stress or no stress.

But overall, I've been very calm about all of this, and just want to see what kind of advice I can aquire from this. Thanks!
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