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Light brown period ?

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Alright, well, to start from the beginning:

My boyfriend and I have had intercourse several times within the past month (I lost my virginity during this month) and we used the pull-out method. Anyway, my boyfriend and I had intercourse the day I was supposed to start my period. It hasn't shown up for eight days now, and we had intercourse four days ago (this time we used a condom). I don't think I'm pregnant because I haven't been feeling naucious, sore/tenderness in my breasts, or any other symptoms. I have had a cold for the past few days though, so I think that it might be a contributing factor.

What I'm really confused about is that I think I'm experiencing my period, but it's different. Instead of it being a really normal flow, it's not making that much of a mess, nor is it really a normal dark red color. It's more of a light brown/light pink color. Is this really my period, or is this something I should be worried about?

Today I tried Vitamin C, and drinking Parsley leaves (which didn't taste that great, but I had two heaping cups of it anyway). I'm also curious as to how much Vitamin C I should intake, and whether orange juice (like Sunny D) actually works for this method.

Please comment/give advice about what's going on. Thank you. ^_^
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replied October 26th, 2009
can you buy a pregnancy test to rule out you being pregnant?
do you have a doctor you can go to to get checked out?
brown blood is considered old blood.
do you want to get on birth control pills or start using condoms so you wont have a pregnancy scare?
it's a possibility that through out your life your period is going to act weird.
but i would get checked out just to be sure.
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replied October 27th, 2009
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No symptoms doesn't mean no pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test. The odd period is actually an indication of pregnancy changes. Many times if a woman had a period when she is pregnant it will be light or spotty. Im not sure what the parsley leaf drink is supposed to do for you? The vit C I understand for a cold. Any rate, step one...pregnancy test. Step two...if your not pregnant, count your blessings and never have unprotected sex again until you are ready to become pregnant or willing to risk an STD.
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