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Light brown discharge , not pregnant

so 3days ago i started to have this light brown discharge, it doesnt look like blood or anything cuz its really light and i now i only see it when i wipe myself and i'm kinda scared that it could be that i'm pregnant but i still have a week to go b4 my period comes, it is very light and it has stained my under wears but not that much, i usually see it when i wipe my self, there's no blood just very very light brown, i don't feel bloated or anything and i have kinda lost my appettite and i have totally not gain any weight i'm still 115, but the reason i'm scared that i could be pregnant is b/c me and my boyfriend were kinda dry humping a week ago but i had some jeans shorts on and that day i forgot to take my pill but i took it rite after we were done, he had a condom on and evrything but he kinda came inside it and then took it off and threw it away but after that he was still touching me down there but i still had shorts on never took them off but i'm scared that the sperm travel thru my shorts and inside me i read that is not possible but still, i'm been stressing out about this and maybe thats why i dont feel like eating and i've been touching my stomach evryday and i seriously need to stop, so please someone tell me i'm not pregnant!!!
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replied July 13th, 2010
theres noway you can be pregnant from that (i dont think)

i have the same kind of problem but mine seems to be more severe... it could just be a hormone change because of ur pill or something.
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