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Light Bleeding with no cramps

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Ok, I have never used one of these websites before so Im really hoping for some feedback.

I cant tell you when the last time my period has been. My first form of birth control was the depo shot which completely stopped my period. I love it but, due to the worry of side effects and long term use my Dr. and I agreed to go onto the Mirena IUD because it seemed safer as far as reversing to be able to conceive. I have been on the Mirena for 2 years period free and BAM, I get a 2 week period! It’s crazy! The period part seems to have gone away but now I have Random spotting / bleeding almost every 1-3 days for a full month. I'll think it’s completely gone and then all the sudden a small gush of light red blood will come out and then stop. It has no actual cycle. Like how a normal period will start off light pink to bright red, to dull brown and stop. It’s just fresh blood out of nowhere? No cramps, or pain like a normal period. I love my IUD and have had no problems. I know women can spot on it but that’s like the first few months. Not after no bleeding for 2 years?

Freaked out and went to the Dr, whom did a pelvic exam, ultra sound to check my IUD placement and a Pregnancy test. Also did a STD urine test just to be on the safe side and currently waiting for results. My OBGYN said it didn’t look like anything to worry about and to give it a month or two to see if it resolves itself. What the heck! I can’t be bleeding for 2 more months! I’ll go crazy! It’s stressing me out and messing up my sex life with my boyfriend. The bleeding is so light to where I only need a light tampon. Sometimes so minimal I can use a pantiliner.

I’m thinking about seeing another OBGYN for a second opinion but I was curious if anyone else is going through this or knows what it can be? Hormones? Infection? Etc. Etc. Worried its something serious.
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