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Light bleeding and vaginal burn

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Today is Friday in the morning and this issue has been happening since yesterday night.I went to the bathroom and wiped and noticed small spots of blood on tissue. the size is smaller than penny. I first thought it was my period since i am a week late. but every time I wipe I get more spots of blood. After wiping I get a burn down there. My boyfriend says I smell like i'm on my period. but I know this is not the period for me. Its something else. I don't think I am pregnant so I have not been tested. me and my boyfriend have only been having sex not a lot but for 2 weeks only. please help me with some ideas whats going on?? anyone have any medical experience that can give me ideas?
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replied December 26th, 2008
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hi well i would first do a pregnancy test to make sure your not, then i would visit your doctor about the spotting it could be just be a period but it's like this because of stress or anxiety. hope this helps Smile Jenny
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