I have met a girl in her early 20's who has hypertension - high blood pressure- and takes coversyl.
The doctor told her what her life expectancy is and she has been down ever since. He said that she would live to 60 (or 40 if she didn't take the medication).
Now she is a alcoholic and smokes and does a lot of things that create hypertension or are not good for it.
She is also very upset about not being able to have children because of the condition and medication.

I want to know if there's been any advancements in this area and how do I find out. Or what can I say to her to keep her positive? She's really bad on the alcohol now.

Can she do the surrogate mother thing - or does the medication affect the eggs???

Is there anyone else that knows of people with similar stories?
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replied September 14th, 2009
Is high blood pressure all she has?
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replied September 18th, 2009
While the hypertension is an issue, there is the alcoholism which will be damaging her liver, and yes there are those who wear their's out by age forty. Number one getting pregnant while using alcohol can cause harm to the baby, number two getting pregnant while smoking can cause harm to the baby. Then there is the risk of bringing a baby into a home with an active alcoholic. (We don't have children now because my husband is an alcoholic, now sober, but when he was actively drinking for the first 15 years of our marriage the situation was not one I was willing to bring a baby into no matter how much I wanted one.)There are other antihypertensive drugs she could possibly take, so I think that might be a concern she should take up with the physician. But if the other two issues were to be addressed, the blood pressure medicine may no longer be needed.
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