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Lifelong symptoms cured by potassium supplementation. Theories?

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I’m very interested in your theories as to the cause and possible treatments for my undiagnosed condition.

I’m a 30 year old male that has suffered from a long list of chronic severe symptoms for most of my life. Dozens of specialists consultations and different tests and treatments have yielded almost zero results. Not even placebo effects.

Recently, I tried a basic potassium gluconate supplement. I experienced rapid and dramatic reduction in all of my symptoms. These effect has continued for 5 weeks now. Many of these improvements are objectively measureable.

If I stop the supplementation, the symptoms return within a day. Eating very large or salty meals also seems to lessen the effectiveness of the potassium supplementation.

These improvements include:

Severe chronic asthma and diaphragm weakness resolved.
Severe chronic turbinate hypertrophy resolved (after two surgeries had no effect).
Severe, chronic daily constipation completely resolved.
Chronic headaches gone.
Sleep quality improved dramatically.
Chronic muscle cramping, weakness and pain resolved.
Chronic health palpitations have ceased. Average heart rate has fallen from 90 BPM to 75 BPM. Blood pressure has gone from high to normal.
Overall feeling of physical well being increased dramatically.
And many more lesser chronic symptoms gone.

I’ve also suffered from unexplained osteoporosis since 25 years old.

It seems to me that this dramatic improvement presents a powerful data point that should help narrow my health investigations and hopefully result in a proper diagnosis of my condition. It would be life-changing to finally know what has caused me so much suffering throughout my life.

I’m booked to see an endocrinologist. Suggestions of other recommended specialists are welcome.

I am taking 400mg to 800mg of potassium gluconate per day. I understand that this is within a safe dosage range. Previous years pathology show low but not out-of-range serum potassium levels.
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replied May 6th, 2018

If you search for potassium deficiency on google you will find your symptoms described.

My recommendation is to review your dietary intake of all essential nutrients and vitamins.

You are not taught this at school nor at home, but you must structure your nutrition to meet all your requirements.

I am vegan and there are good vegan online resources explaining all the nutrients that the body needs and what food sources to find them in. I honestly recommend that you visit them and base your nutrition on their information.

I DO NOT tell you to stop eating meat, eggs and diary to feel better.

I DO tell you to ADD TO YOUR NUTRITION the vegetable sources of nutrients that will cover all your nutritional requirements.

Potassium should be something that is in your food every day so that you do not need to take supplements for it.

Note that many nutritional deficiencies are asymptomatic until they reach critical condition. If you have not structured your nutritional intake to meet all of your requirements then you could also be on your way to other nutritional deficiencies that may have not shown any symptoms yet.

Also note that there are cases where excess of a nutrient can conceal the symptoms from deficiencies of a different nutrient.
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