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Life With Clinical Depression

Good morning,

iv noticed in the last few months that my stress level has went from none what so ever to nothing short of more stress then iv ever had.
In the last few months i'v had members of my family dropping off like flies, and me being abusive in my relationships. I dont know if im not telling people what i need to tell them but i just find it so hard to allow people in. Not the fact that i dont trust people i just find that i cant handle things like i used to anymore.
Its sad because im always the one giving people useful advise but i can seem to give myself any.I went from being depressed to angry all the time for no reason at all, thanks to that i lost the person that i was engaged to.
Please i just need somebody to point a finger as to were to start because i cant live like this much longer.

Thank You
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replied September 8th, 2009
Im really starting to question wether to try too push thru this or just stop trying and pretty much just skim my way thru life. I say this because i have tried to do everything i can to not do wrong all the time but just doesnt really seem too work. And i can feel that its only going to get worse. Iv noticed that even at the best time of today while im at work i still felt that i wanted to just cry my eyes out. its getting thicker and thicker every minute that goes by.

Im not really too sure know how i can handle myself. I used to walk tall as a man that serves my country, but now i ball up in the cornor as a punk that would hurt others.
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replied September 11th, 2009
You could go to your doctor and try every single type of antidepressant until you find one that works--that's what I am doing, I'm going through the same thing as you--Otherwise, if you have a strong coping mechanism you could just use it your advantage and occasionally smoke weed. Smoking weed once a week should sate your depression. Smoking weed has actually made me realize, I don't want to kill myself, though the voicess are still there i still battle on! Smile
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