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Life gone wrong

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Im feeling really depressed at the moment. Lifes gone worng.
Aunties gone. Boyfriend dumped me. Friends hate me. I cant life with myself either. I cant eat or sleep. Plus i cant talk to my parents about it either. Im also beginning to hate myself soooo much! I also making myself sick. Ive lost control of my life.

Please Help i need advice!
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replied November 29th, 2008
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sweetie, it's all up to you.

things are largely what you make of them. if you CHOOSE to be down in the dumps and depressed, then that's where you'll stay. on he other hand if you choose to pick yourself up and appreciate the good things that are going on in your life, and look at things more positively, then that's where you'll stay too.

sometimes it's easy being negative. my mom died when i was 13. that's a pretty critical time in a girl's life for her mom to die. my dad was devastated. who kept my family together at that tough time? ME. 13 year old...little bitty me. i don't know ANYTHING, but i know that i can survive.

so, if you take my example, and stop feeling sorry for yourself you'll do much better. boyfriend dumped you? he was not the perfect match for you. go out and find the perfect match. friends hate you? make new friends. can't live with yourself? you're what do you do? CHANGE YOURSELF into someone you (and everyone else) would LOVE to be around.

stop making yourself sick and make yourself WELL! only YOU can do it. nobody can do it for you.

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