The other day i was reading up on all the bipolar symptoms... and i seem to match nearly every one.. im a very caring person and ive been messed around used allot by guys ditched everything.. i get randomly depressed i scream at myself i sob my heart out i get chest pains during that time ive cut myself ive almost attempted suicide i lack confidence in myself i cant concentrate at work i find myself ugly and useless i have no self belief, i feel lonely, lost, on my own, i dont know if most of this is down to my past and how my life is now but even writing this now is making me cry .. im dieing to feel loved and be hugged my lifes all based on work 24/7 i got sexually abused when i was a child and i havent told many people of my situation and i just wonder if keeping it in is affecting me without me realizing it because ive kept that to the past now and i really havent let it affect me. i started becoming depressed when i got used for sex by guys and when i fought someone who loved me didnt love me at all im only 17 i know its young but im very grown up for my age and i really need somebody there for me. people say someone will turn up soon but when they do ... its the same old thing again. Maybe i just need to talk to a professional or something or have anti depressants or something else cause i really cant think of anything thats going to cure me from crying. Can someone please help me out even if it sorts out half of this i will be grateful for any answers.. Thankyou xx
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replied September 17th, 2009
do you know the difference between PTSD, Bipolar, and Clinically depressed. it can be confusing but only a therapist can tell you what your having.

i was dignosised with major depression and i used to take prozac, some people who are bipolar take prozac.
i cried for no reason, when i took the medication it was a difference in my mood.

so i agree with you when you say you need to talk to a therapist, and possibly get on medication especially because of what you went through as a child.
i suffered from 18 years of depression, i really feel like my birth control pills is balancing my mood. if you dont have insurance you can try mood enhancers like SamE, HPT-5, St.Johns Worth, Calcium pills...are all mood enhancers.
i was also told to cleanse your colon.
you may think it is crazy but it is worth a try.
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