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life exspectancy for stage 4 bone cancer swelling on the brain,

my father in law is 66 has stage 4 bone cancer and spots on his liver, how long will he live? He just had small cell lung cancer and was in remission from that he's also diabetic and now has swelling on his brain. He had no head injury.
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replied November 5th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

I am assuming the bone tumors are metastases from his small cell lung cancer.

Since he is in stage IV and has edema around the brain, these are not good signs, as you are probably already aware of.

Swelling around the brain, usually signifies that he probably has metastases in the brain now too.

It is not possible to tell anyone how many actual months, weeks, etc they have. But, you should probably not delay is doing anything that needs to get done.

Good luck.
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