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Life Expectancy for Small Cell Lung Cancer to the Liver

My wife of 43 years developed Stage 4 small cell lung cancer which spread to spleen and liver in November, 2011. She was treated with six chemo treatments and 12 brain radiation (preventive measure). We were told she was cancer free. In May, 2012, (two weeks later) she had severe pain in abdomin, bloating, and all the previous: nausea, sleeps more than first treatment, nose bleeds, and bones aching....etc. Now, she is on chemo with a stronger chemo drug. She says that she feels worse, pain is less but still there, sleeping more than before and I listen to her breathing at night and it is labored.

I have seen a lot of death. Most times I can look at a person with cancer and can tell if they are dying. She sometimes has a faint look but not that near death look.

I am looking for people that have experienced the above. Additionally, am looking for what can I expect and should do in this situation. I am at a loss and feel helpless.

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replied June 13th, 2012
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Only if you permit me James065, may my prayers be with you. I've for the last two years research, what are some preventive ways and not just treat after the disorder or disease has set in. I wish what I now know, I would of known when my Mother struggled with throat cancer.

James I've read your concern, have you considered any proactive approaches to help your wife better fight! against her attacks? There is some research that I was exposed to, that I believe everyone should know about.

We all know about antioxidant, right? There is one endogenous antioxidant that many have not heard of, that is shown to be lacking at least 74 disorders, and diseases. It's called Glutathione, have you heard of it? And if so what have do you know? Please respond as soon as possible.

God Bless!
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